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Thursday, 11 August 2011

RAMSBOTTOM FESTIVAL (16 – 18 September 2011)

Local brewers Outstanding Beers will be putting their best ales and lagers on tap for the Ramsbottom Festival, the North West’s newest boutique music event, and have created a bespoke ale to commemorate the festival.

Many musical icons have been immortalized in alcohol history - Mark E. Smith has an IPA beer, the Stone Roses have had ‘Fool’s Gold’ made into a honey flavoured ale, lovers of German electronica can enjoy Kraftwerk Braun Ale and Led Zeppellin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ can be enjoyed in the form of a heady lager.

Joining the ranks of rock and roll beverages, the newest addition to the Outstanding range, the Ramsbottom Festival Ale is a well balanced and delicately brewed pale gold session beer with a distinctive flavour, brought out by specially sourced rare hops from New Zealand.

The Festival, which will take place between Friday 16 – Sunday 18 September 2011 at Ramsbottom Cricket Club features artists including Badly Drawn Boy, Guillemots, Young Knives, Cherry Ghost and The Waterboys.

The festival as a whole will be a celebration of the best handpicked British music, as well as a cornucopia of foodie and other artistic delights. Outstanding Brewery will be putting out their best ales and lagers for festival goers to enjoy alongside the finest in locally produced food.

Bury based Outstanding was created by four friends in 2008, with the objective of producing distinctive high quality beers. Each beer produced under the Outstanding label is carefully crafted to bring out the best in the individual ingredients which are carefully sourced, both locally and from around the world.

Outstanding will also be showcasing a wide range of their carefully brewed cask ales and keg lagers at the festival. There will be a variety of tasty beers to suit all tastes and lovers of lager and ale will be able to choose from Outstanding specialties alongside the Ramsbottom Festival Ale including the brewery’s full flavoured Bavarian Pilsner Lager and unique signature ales, like the hop flavoured Pushing Out and liquorice hinted Oustanding Stout.

Festival organiser and Director of The Met, David Agnew adds:

“We’re really excited about the creation of the bespoke Ramsbottom Festival Ale, Outstanding has created an amazing beer to add as part of what makes the festival unique. We’re thrilled about working alongside a local brewery showcasing what Bury has to offer. With the wonderful range of products they have I think everyone is certain to enjoy the beer just as much as the music.”

Website:          ramsbottomfestival.com
Tickets cost:   £35 per day, £70 weekend
Twitter:           @rammyfestival
Facebook:       facebook.com/ramsbottomfestival

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