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London Cooking Club

How It Works

Every month, I choose a theme, cookery book or cuisine, and have a group of readers of The London Foodie come to my home to cook, eat a delicious meal, drink and talk. I distribute a suggested menu a week or so prior to the event, the participants choose their dishes and I e-mail out all recipes. Each person contributes a dish and accompanying bottle of wine. There are no fees to pay.


I thoroughly enjoy these evenings as they are proving to be a great meeting place for those who stumble upon this blog and who are passionate about cooking and good wine. As much as I like eating out and finding some of the London gems I write about, I also love cooking and this was primarily the reason why I started The London Foodie.

If you would like to take part in one of these evenings, please contact me on luizhara@hotmail.com using LONDON COOKING CLUB in the subject line.

Our next London Cooking Club evening will be on:

30th July 2011 - "Lebanon" - Recipes from the fantastic cookbook by Greg and Lucy Malouf "Saha - A Chef's Journey Through Lebanon and Syria".

We will also be tasting the 2004 Chateau Musar which has just been released; Chateau Musar has kindly offered a few bottles for this event.

The event will be held at a secret location in Greenwich. Each person will cook one dish and bring a bottle of wine to share. There are no fees to participate in any of the London Cooking Club events.

Other Future Dates:

August 2011 - Date and location TBC - "It is Barbecue Time!" - London Cooking Club members will bring their own favourite recipes to be shared on the barbie. The event will kick off early afternoon.

24th September 2011 - "Canadian Cuisine by London Foodie" - It is double-trouble at the London Cooking Club as I join forces with the delightful London Foodie (@londonfoodie - Canadian Journalist and Foodie Extraordinaire) for an evening of Canadian food and wines.

22nd October 2011 - "Sichuan Cooking" - Co-hosted by Joshua of Cooking the Books, a  connoisseur and accomplished cook of Oriental cuisines, we will be cooking recipes from our food hero, the magnificent Fuchsia Dunlop.

19th November 2011 - "Burma by Mimi" - Hosted by British-Burmese food blogger Mimi of Meemalee's Kitchen, and co-founder of Grazing Asia Supper Club, Mimi will be presenting us her native Burmese cuisine.

Past Events:

The London Cooking Club - "Portuguese Cuisine by Tessa Kiros”  (25th September 2010)
Recipes from "Piri Piri Starfish - Portugal Found"

The London Cooking Club - "Thai" by David Thompson (23rd October 2010)
Recipes from "Thai Food" and "Thai Street Food"

The London Cooking Club - French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David (20th Nov 2010)
Recipes from "French Provincial Cooking"

The London Cooking Club - Comfort Eating Special (29th January 2011)
Guests' Favourite Recipes

The London Cooking Club - Catalan Cooking (26th February 2011)
Recipes by Rachel McCormack of Catalan Cooking

The London Cooking Club - Malaysian by May - Part 1 (19th March 2011)
Recipes by Guest Food Blogger May Chong of Slow Food Kitchen

The London Cooking Club - Malaysian by May - Part 2 (9th April 2011)
Recipes by Guest Food Blogger May Chong of Slow Food Kitchen

The London Cooking Club - The Best of British (14th May 2011)
Recipes and Cookery Demonstration by Guest Chef David Gillott

The London Cooking Club - The Food and Wines of South Africa (4th June 2011)
Recipes by South Africans Tracey Howes (twitter: @TraceyHtastes) and Jeanne Horak of Cook Sister!

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