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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

CITY PANTRY - London’s first street food delivery service delivering everything from Fried Chicken to Vietnamese baguettes directly to your desk

Two St. Andrews graduates have launched London’s first street food delivery service, bringing the best of both Whitecross market and Old Truman Brewery to the desks of office workers all over London. A fleet of motorcyclists wearing distinctive tomato helmets and carrying oven-hot bags deliver everything from gourmet venison burgers to crispy chicken wings direct to your building’s front door from Monday, December 2nd.

Stuart Sunderland, 32, gave up his career as a trader in Singapore to develop his street food idea, said:
‘Lunchtime has so much potential yet, more often than not, we settle for a boring sandwich or dreary canteen food. How about a hog roast in a bun sourced from Smithfield’s market early morning or pulled pork that’s been cooking for 16hrs? We drop it off at your office and promise your colleagues will drool with food envy as they sit staring at their miserable pasta salad. It makes for a refreshing change and the portions are huge!’

The ordering system is simple – you choose what you fancy from the 20 different vendors ranging in price from £5–£10 by 11am, indicate when you want your lunch to arrive, sit back and let City Pantry do the work. There’s a minimum order of £15 so get your colleagues together and if it’s over £40 they’ll knock off the £2 delivery charge for you. They will even send you some daily suggestions of what to order and if you want to impress your clients with something unique, they can provide a spread from a variety of vendors.

The service safeguards the employment of the market stall vendors who provide the food through the slow winter months. Ross Curnow of Mother Clucker, one of London’s most popular street food vendors with his range of free range fried chicken said:

‘It’s great, we get to keep doing what we love through what is usually a tough winter and workers all over London get to enjoy our food which they might otherwise not normally get a chance to try... it also beats a pre-packed tuna and sweetcorn sandwich any day!’

To see what’s on the menu visit citypantry.com

web: citypantry.com email: info@citypantry.com Tel: 0203 397 8376


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